Google OS Webloader

Windows XP Pro was the most commonly used operating systems by professionals and corporations being replaced by Windows 7, which is big improvement over Vista and many are upgrading to Win 7/Win 8 Pro-64 bit.
But there is something new going on for the last several months, and it is coming from Google - Chrome OS.
We all know Chrome browser which is gaining popularity over Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Obviously Firefox is the most popular browser for professionals with hundreds of awesome plugins and extensions.
Chrome OS is an open source operating system. It is actually a browser which is an operating system as well and all the applications are within the browser. It is designed for Web use.
It is fast and all the applications are web applications, so there is no need to do constant updates, upgrades and security fixes typical for Windows. You turn your computer on and ready to browse Internet within seconds.
Netbooks that will run Google’s new Chromium operating system will be competitively priced in the range of $300-$400, according to Google chief Eric Schmidt.

The Chrome OS netbooks are expected to be available at the end of 2010 and Chrome OS will be the fastest Webloader ever.

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