How to Find the True, Perfect Living Master?

Recognize the Perfect Living Master

Ishwar C Puri Ji Maharaj
Ishwar Puri says:
All Masters who teach that the Way to Truth is within you can help you to go up to the level of higher consciousness that they themselves have realized.
Our true Spiritual journey then starts in the company of the Master who takes us as far as he has gone !
At all times there has been at least one Perfect Living Master on this Planet.
Who is a Perfect Living Master has to be determined by the Seeker who will be pulled by the unconditional love he experiences from his Master.
The same Master may not be the Master for all seekers.
People are drawn to a Master who Spiritually pulls them ! Ishwar Puri

Swami Ji says that first of all you should be in search of a Master who is Word - personified and who transcends to higher spiritual planes. He gives contact with the Word to his devotees. Do not think for a moment whether he is a Hindu, a Muslim, a Sikh, or a Christian. Go to him without any such distinction, get initiation, and practice sincerely. The greatest advantage of meeting a Master is that the spirit, separated since the creation of the world, returns to its Home, the True Home of the Father. Hazur Baba Sawan Singh

Satguru Real Gurus are very rare in this age; but it may, however, be added that the world is not without at least one real Guru at any time. Most of the so-called "gurus" merely act and pose like genuine Gurus. They are much slaves of the senses as we are, in spite of their outer garb and the hallmarks on their persons. One must be true to one's Self rather than to deceive one's Self and others too.

How, then, may we know that a "teacher" is a real Teacher? Tulsi Sahib has given us a criterion, a touch-stone, to test the veracity of a Sadhu [true Master]: "A real Sadhu would always take the initiative to accost the disciples." This shows the inner awakening in the Master, for he, with his insight, sees the same God-Power in others as in him-Self. So he accosts the God-Power in the disciple. But what do we see in common practice? The "Gurus" of today are stiff-necked and take pride when the people bow down before them. One who has got the goods can deliver them to you.
But one who himself has nothing with him, what can he do for you?

The world is, no doubt, full of false prophets and half-prophets, of whom one must be beware.

They are "wolves in sheep's clothing".

When we rise above the physical body by the grace of a Saint, we cross over from the material to the immaterial, from the earthy to the unearthly level, and see things from a higher level. With the opening of the inner vision, we begin to see the world from the spiritual height and that makes all the difference.

[Satguru] One who is Commissioned and has an Authority can, at a single sitting, help hundreds of souls together to have an out-of-body [above-the-body] experience. This initial experience during initiation the disciple can develop by daily practice according to the Master's instructions.

Where, then, is the real happiness? It comes with the opening of the inner vision, and this is really what matters. Without this, one goes in darkness after death. The second essential is the conscious contact with the Sound-Current. Both of these [inner experiences] are practical things.

One may be very learned and well-versed in the sacred books, but until one rises above body consciousness, one will remain as ignorant as ever before.

Sat Sandesh, February 1969, by Kirpal Singh Ji

Kirpal Singh had told board members of Ruhani Satsang in America - no one from his family would succeed him.

Believe not the words of a Master Soul unless you see the things He tells about with your own eyes.
Kirpal Singh

Sometimes the fake masters seem to be more real than the real Ones. Ishwar Puri

He who calls himself a Satguru or Sant, let him show us the invisible Lord. Kabir

A Perfect Master is always a bestower of gifts and never a recipient.

He earns his own living and is never a burden upon anyone.

He does not charge any fees for imparting spiritual instructions.

He is living embodiment of humility.

He is at peace with all and is angry with none. Excerpts from "GODMAN" by Kirpal Singh Ji

A true Master is ever with his disciple and protects him not only in life but equally in death.
O Nanak: free yourself from worldly companions,
And seek the friendship of a true Saint.
They shall forsake you even in life,
But he shall not leave you even after death. Nanak

One Who is free from lust and anger is God's incarnation. Gurbani

No true seeker can stay with a false Master for long ... Kirpal Singh

Hazur Sawan Singh

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