Ishwar Puri Ji Maharaj (1926)

Dr. Ishwar C Puri

Surat Shabd Yoga - Sant Mat teachings, Satsangs and Lectures by Ishwar Puri

How our Soul can reach Sach Khand - our True Home by Path of Love and Devotion to Satguru - Perfect Living Master
Ishwar C Puri was initiated by His Beloved Master Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji at the age of 9.
Ishwar since his birth in Punjab, India, has always been close to Hazur Sawan Singh.
Sawan Singh Ji named Him Ishwar (means - I Love God), when he was 29 days old. The Great Master often have Ishwar sitting on His lap while conducting Satsang.
Dr. Ishwar Puri Ji, the former senior official with Indian government, Harvard University graduate, is the founder of ISHA - Institute for the Study of Human Awareness in Chicago.

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2014 You Tube Videos (52 videos)
Orlando1 Ishwar Ji 88th Birthday part-1
Orlando2 Spiritual Path is Love and Devotion | 88th Birthday part-2
Brisbane1 Criteria to Meet Enlightened Master
Brisbane2 The Real Master Is Always Inside
Singapore1 Human Body is the Greatest Miracle
Singapore2 Mind Is Acting Like God
Singapore3 Meditation Should Be Way of Life
Bruce New Western Spiritual Center in Bruce WI
RL1 We Are Here and Now
RL2 All Spiritual Knowledge Is Inside You
RL3 Source of Creation Is Within Yourself
RL4 Put Meditation as Priority Number One
RL5 Find Radiant Form of the Master
Minneapolis1 All Souls Are the Same - No Discrimination
Minneapolis2 All the Answers Are Hidden Inside Us
Greece1 Reality Depends on Your Attention - Origin of Attention Is Your Real Home
Greece2 Without Grace Nothing Happens
Greece3 True Self is Total Consciousness
Greece4 True Home is Beyond the Mind
Greece5 Perfect Living Master Will Pull You
Chicago1 Soul Provides All the Power To Make Life
Chicago2 Soul Is Consciousness - Sound Current Is the Soul
Stockholm1 The Purpose of Human Life
Stockholm2 Journey Through Awareness to Our True Home
Stockholm3 Yoga of Attention and Sound
Stockholm4 Without Consciousness Nothing Is Alive
Stockholm5 Love Is The Most Powerful Healer
Stockholm6 Initiation Takes Place At The Third Eye Center
Stockholm7 This Path Is Based On Love and Devotion
Calgary1 Love and Devotion Takes Us to True Home
Calgary2 Mind Is the Creator of Doubt and Fear
Calgary3 Happiness Comes From Within
Calgary4 Our Own True Self Is the Only Reality
Chicago1 Dhunatmak Resonance Comes from Sach Khand
Chicago2 Spirituality Is Not a Religion
Bhandara1 Sense Perceptions Creates World For Us
Bhandara2 Sense Perceptions Are Built Into Astral Body
Bhandara3 Nothing Is Real - It Is Play of Consciousness
Bhandara4 Meditation - By Regular Practice You Can Do Anything
Bhandara5 Sant Mat Takes Us Beyond the Mind
Bhandara6 The Master and the Sound Are One
Bhandara7 Mind Is the Only Obstacle to Go Home
Bhandara8 Attachments Are Not Love
Bhandara9/10 Art of Concentrating Attention Behind the Eyes
Bhandara11 Bhandara Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Stories
LosAngeles1 What Is Outside is Merely Reflection Of What Is Inside
LosAngeles2 Time Is the Biggest Trap
LosAngeles3 Karma Is Created In Human Form By Intention To Act
LosAngeles4 Practice Meditation and You Will Get Experience
LosAngeles5 Initiation by the Perfect Living Master
Chicago1 Consciousness Is the Creator of Everything
Chicago2 Karma Is Created By Our Mind

2013 You Tube Videos (53 videos)
Chicago1 We Create Karma in Physical Human Level
Chicago2 Perfect Living Master Has Never Said He Is The Master
Orlando1 87th Birthday - Purpose of Creation | Consciousness Creates Experience
Orlando2 87th Birthday - The Path Is To Go Within Your Own Self
LZ1 Seek In Your Heart To Find True Friend
LZ2 Mind Creates Mental Games
Chicago1 Imagination and Attention Needed for Good Meditation
Chicago2 Real Knowledge is Beyond the Mind
Chicago3 Satguru Is Carrying Consciousness of Totality
Chicago4 Sound Pulls Our Attention Up
Chicago5 Master Is the Sound Current
Chicago6 Meditation Creates Clarity Inside
NY2 Listen To the Sound of Consciousness
NY3 Soul is Consciousness and Life
NY4 We're Living in Timeless State
NY5 Do Your Best - Leave the Rest
Chicago1 Withdraw Attention To Yourself
Chicago2 Surat-Shabd_Yoga_is_Sahaj_Yoga
Minneapolis1 Wakeup to Test Who We Really Are
Minneapolis2 Julian Johnson - Path of The Masters
Mumbai1 Mind Creates Doubt and Fear
Mumbai2 Who Is Perfect Living Sant Satguru?
Pune1 Consciousness Creates Different Bodies
Pune2 Hold Your Attention Behind The Eyes
Pune3 Initiation by Param Sant Satguru
London1 Practice Withdrawal Of Attention
London2 Spiritual Path Is Not Religion | Ask Your Master For Help To Move Forward

London3 Loneliness Goes Away On Spiritual Path
London4 Master's Love Is Unconditional
London5 Eat Less, Talk Less, Sleep Less, Meditate More
Chicago1 Totality Of Consciousness Is The Ultimate Creator
Chicago2 Seeking Pulls Us Up To Sant Satguru
Toronto1 With Free Will You Can Seek To Go Home
Toronto2 Meditation Gives You The Truth and Knowledge
Toronto3 Do Meditation Every Day
Montreal1 Soul Has No Karma, Mind Creates Karma
Montreal2 All the Answers Are Inside Us
Montreal3 Seeking is the Secret - Do Not Stop Seeking
Bhandara1 Devotion Is The Response to Love
Bhandara2 Love Is Coming From Soul
Bhandara3 Go To Source of Experience
Bhandara4 Experience of One and Many in Sach Khand
Bhandara5 Souls Are The Same, Minds Are Different
Bhandara6 Sound of Consciousness is the Real Life Force
Bhandara7 Faith in Perfect Living Master
SFO1 Our Mind Creates Obstacles
SFO2 Shabd Sound Pulls You Up
SFO3 Self Resides In Wakeful Consciousness
SFO4 Sound Current is Manifestation of Consciousness
SFO5 Meditation is the Lifestyle
SFO6 Don't Stop Seeking

Sacramento True Home Lies Within Yourself
Chicago Illusion or Reality

2012 YouTube Videos (36 videos)
Dera - Dera Baba Sawan Singh Spiritual Center
Chicago1 - Go Within and Practice More Meditation
Chicago2 - Desires and Attachments Create Suffering
Orlando1 - Fundamentals of Good Meditation
Orlando2 - Meditation Techniques
Chicago1 - We Don't Practice Enough Meditation
Chicago2 - How To Meditate and Spiritual Experience
Chicago3 - Negative Power Is Fighting For Every Soul
Chicago4 - Love and Devotion Pulls You Up
Chicago1 - How Perfect Living Master Takes Souls Back Home
Chicago2 - Soul Creates Experience of Love
London1 - Spiritual Path of Love and Devotion
London2 - Higher Realms of Consciousness
London3 - Surat Shabd - Sound Current Pulls Us Up
London4 - What is Consciousness
London5 - Unconditional Love of the Perfect Living Master
Chicago1 - Divine Intervention | Meditation
Chicago2 - Power of Concentration of Attention | Secret of Meditation
Chicago1 - Human Mind | Attention | Meditation
Chicago2 - Levels of Competency of Spiritual Masters
WI1- Love and Master | Path to Sach Khand
WI2- Reincarnation | Power of Attention
WI3- Who Are Perfect Living Masters?
WI4- 2012 - Year of Great Change
WI5- 3 Mental Unreal Worlds
WI6- Bhandara of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh
WI7- Sant Mat Meditation Tips
NoCA2- Who Are We? | Preparation for Spiritual Path
NoCA3- Surat Shabd Yoga Technique of Meditation | Audible Life Stream
LA1- Spiritual Path and Different Masters
LA2- Love of Perfect Master | Sant Mat
LA3- What is Initiation by Perfect Living Master?
LA4- Hazur Sawan Singh | Origin of the Self | Totality of Consciousness
LA5- What is Life? | 5 Levels on Consciousness
Chicago1 - Spiritual Love | Consciousness | Role of Mind | Illusion of Time
Chicago2 - Recognize Perfect Living Master | Predetermined Destiny | Time Travel

2011 YouTube Videos (30 videos)
Chicago1 - Where is God | Spirit of Consciousness
Chicago2 - Dying While Living | Experience of Free Will
Bruce - Ishwar Puri Ji 85th Birthday
Chicago - Secret of Spiritual Path | Who is God | Power of Listening | Priorities
Chicago - Faith | Destiny | Par Brahm | Detachment | Initiation
Chicago - Seva | Chakras | Sleep | Marked Souls | Perfect Masters | Faith | Meditation
Chicago - Difference between Religion and Spiritual Path | Meditation Love Devotion
Mpls - Coincidences | Intuition | Dreams | Indecision | Karma | Free Will
Mpls - Soul | Mind | Astral Body | Love | Master | Religions
Chicago - Mind | Inner Sounds | Ghosts | Disembodied Spirits | Hazur Sawan Singh
Chicago - Death | Human Body | Karma | Mind | Soul | Attachments
Chicago - Simran | Meditation Instructions | Inner Sounds | Suffering | Awareness
Chicago - Love | God | Truth | Attention | Happiness | Living Master
RL - Astral Flying | Meditation Instructions | Practical Meditation Tips
RL - Having A Living Master
RL - 8 Senses | Love and Devotion | Meditation Tips | Sub-Astral
RL - Seva | Meditation Instructions | Surat Shabd | Sant Mat
RL - Healing | Karma | Meditation Exercises | Dreams | Astral Body
RL - Spiritual Practices | Astral Body | Spirit | Mind | Attention
Phi - Master | Karma | Gratitude | Spiritual Progress
Phi - Vegetarian Diet | What Goes With Us After Death?
Phi - Mind Soul | Overcoming Loneliness | True Real Master
Phi - Meditation Techniques | Mind & Karma
Phi - Truth Within Ourselves | Illusion and Reality
RL - Four Principles of Indian Spirituality
LA - Attachments | Meditation | Perfect Masters
LA - How to Meditate and Go Within
RL - Mind | Karma | Consciousness
RL - Bhandara 2011 | Grace | Mind | Soul
RL - Hazur Baba Sawan Singh | The Great Master | Bhandara 2011

2010 YouTube videos (13 videos)
Chicago - Role of Perfect Living Master
Initiation | Perfect Living Master
Initiation | Self | Living Satguru | Spiritual Love
Inner Experience | Seekers | Perfect Living Masters | Karma
Mind | Soul | Perfect Living Master
Drishti | Initiation | Planes of Creation
Perfect Living Master | Forgiveness | Meditation
Spiritual Progress | Karma | Initiation
Perfect Living Master | Karma
Secret of Meditation
How Charged Words of Simran Work | How to Meditate | Satguru's Friendship, Grace & Love
Dissolution | Akashic Records | Time Travel | Free Will
Meditation | Mind | Higher Spiritual Regions | Creation