Ishwar Puri Ji (1926)

Dr. Ishwar C Puri

Surat Shabd Yoga - Sant Mat teachings, Satsangs and Lectures by Ishwar Puri

How our Soul can reach Sach Khand - our True Home by Path of Love and Devotion to Satguru - Perfect Living Master
Ishwar C Puri was initiated by His Beloved Master Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji at the age of 9.
Ishwar since his birth in Punjab, India, has always been close to Hazur Sawan Singh.
Sawan Singh Ji named Him Ishwar (means - I Love God), when he was 29 days old. The Great Master often have Ishwar sitting on His lap while conducting Satsang.
Dr. Ishwar Puri Ji, the former senior official with Indian government, Harvard University graduate, is the founder of ISHA - Institute for the Study of Human Awareness in Chicago.

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