Sant Kirpal Singh (1894 -1974)

Satguru Kirpal Singh Considered by many people who met Him in the East and in the West to have been a living example of a true Saint of spirituality, Kirpal Singh was born on February 6, 1894. Following instructions from his Master (Hazur Sawan Singh), he founded and directed Ruhani Satsang (Divine Science of the Soul). For the universality of his teachings he was unanimously chosen as President of World Fellowship of Religions, a vast worldwide organization including all major religions. He was Commissioned from Above and authorized by his Master to carry forward the spiritual work of contacting sincere seekers after God with WORD (God-into-Expression Power, or what the Bible calls as Holy Spirit).

Kirpal Singh visited Europe and the United States on the occasions of each of his three world tours: in 1955, in 1963-64 and in 1972 and held the World Conference on Unity of Man in New Delhi in February 1974.

Kirpal Singh commissioned the projects Manav Kendra and Kirpal Sagar in Punjab, India, the latter one was then developed by Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur.

Saints do not want your worldly wealth. They have with them the Wealth of Naam in abundance. You should search for such Saints and Fakirs who have this divine Gift with them, the rare Gift of Divinity, and seek for your portion of It. It would be blessed day for you if you are Linked with Naam and freed from the fear of death. Kirpal Singh

Satguru's Grace I can assure you even hereafter the God in me will be with you, guiding you, helping you in all your affairs. It is through the grace of my Master Sawan Singh that this is being extended to you – it was extended in the past, and it will continue hereafter, too. Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh left the earth plane on August 21, 1974.

Kirpal Singh - Ruhani Satsang India
Kirpal Singh - Ruhani Satsang

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