Sant Mat Meditation

Param Sant Guru By following the practices under proper guidance, its adepts have reached realms not known to other mystic schools. Those who have mastered this path have finally merged with the Supreme Lord in His Absolute, Nameless and Formless State. The Creator, the Absolute, projects Itself into form that assumes two primary attributes: Light and Sound. The Masters of the highest order teach that the transcendent Sound (Shabd, Word or Naam) and Light are primal manifestations of God when He projects Himself into creation. In His Nameless state He is neither light nor darkness, neither sound nor silence, but when He assumes shape and form, Light and Sound emerge as His primary attributes. Kirpal Singh

Early morning is the most beneficial time for meditation. Supreme oneness of thought upon a true NAAM is had at the ambrosial small hours before dawn. So rise early and shake off all feeling of sloth. Go to the remembrance of Him even if you are lying down - even at night, or when resting. Go to sleep with the same thought, so the very remembrance of Him will be the very beat of your pulse. When you arise in the morning, be awakened - have a bath or wake yourself by any means, but be really awake when you sit down for meditation. With these habits, even in sleep your meditation will continue; and when awake, even then you will have that meditative attitude all day. Kirpal Singh

Listen to Shabd Dhun (Inner Sound) every day, even though for a short time... Do not feel any anxiety.

Do not put your heart in any worldly thing. Perform your duties faithfully, even eagerly, but like a stranger - always thinking in your mind: This is not my home. All this world and all its affairs are false or unreal". So you should take part in them, knowing them to be unreal, but the mind and the surat (soul, consciousness, inner attention) should always be with the Master. Baba Jaimal Singh Ji to Hazur Sawan Singh

If we don’t have love and devotion, the mechanical meditation cannot take us anywhere.
So, the real secret of God-realization is love and devotion. Meditation must also be undertaken with faith, love and devotion and without effort. If meditation is done with ego and effort, it does not work. It is with love and devotion that humility automatically comes.
The Master is inside of us and has always been inside, but we have no contact with Him. It is the outer Master that comes to us because He provides us with the key, the link to the inner Master.
The inner Master then takes us to the home of total consciousness of our Father, our God.
Faith is so necessary. It is faith that overcomes the mind and the mental doubts.
If we follow this path with love and devotion and do our meditation as a service to the outer Master, we will than find the inner Master and turn our attention backward and overcome mind and ego. It is then that we begin the great spiritual journey to the highest awareness- total consciousness.


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