phpBayPro and New phpZonPro

If you want to promote eBay products with your ePN account or Amazon products, than phpBay and phpZon are the most advanced pieces of software which give you edge over your competition.
phpBay Pro has been for a while, fully proved system, where you can chose from up to 18 parameters to customize your searches.

New phpZon was just upgraded to phpZon Pro ver 2.0.

New features include:

* Menu builders to help create accurate and refined search results.
* Choose an Amazon sort value to return the best results.
* Unique sidebar widget that allows for a global sidebar widget or a per page/post sidebar widget.
* Pagination support for search queries, ten items per page with automatic paging built-in.
* Select pagination CSS style from menu, to give paging results the best fit for your theme.
* jquery Tab support for ASIN products provide a professional look and feel.
* trackingid can be changed for each query.
* country can be changed per page/post.
* Simple buttons to select recommended settings.
* Easily build custom templates based on existing templates. Template names are automatically added to list in menu builders.

Please read new Instruction Guide and phpBay/Zon forum comments.
New version of phpZon Pro ver 2, which Wade released on April 28, is much more powerful that ver 1.
All users who have the original version can download Upgrade for free.
phpBay Pro and phpZon Pro are is fully compatible with WP-mage, way more advanced and powerful, and you don't get bot clicks, which ruin your earnings.

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