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Therion magnetic therapy

Therion-Magnet-Therapy-Heal Therion professional magnetic therapy product solutions

Magnetic therapy is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a safe and natural alternative for pain relief.

Up to 70X more effective than other magnetic therapy brands, Therion provides you with the most successful results for natural healing and relief of discomfort.

Magnetic therapy products for effective chronic pain management. Natural healing and inflammation relief without side effects.

Using combinations of over 10 different types of magnets, Advanced Biomagnetics provide stronger pain relief and faster injury recovery. Most importantly, every product is consistently effective over 90% of the time.

Advanced Biomagnetics also provide you with cost-effective options based on your health needs.

For example, Therion MTR braces and supports are available in two different magnetic strengths. Someone with severe, chronic back pain will want a Platinum MTR support, the highest strength. But for a minor back strain, more expensive, high-energy magnets may not be necessary. In this case, Balance MTR braces will provide excellent pain relief and cost much less.

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